Support for the Great Patriotic War Veterans

Support for veterans of the Great Patriotic War within the frames of our collaboration with the Minsk Veteran Organization includes heartwarming meetings and home-felt conversations, which allow to find out more about the war in its true colors, to see it with the eyes of those who have come through and bears its mark in his or her heart.

Older people always have something to tell us. For grandparents, conversations about years and destinies are a return to youth, an opportunity to once again experience the emotions of the past. They share with us what cannot be measured - life experience, worldly wisdom. War is one of those memories that will not be erased from memory no matter how many years have passed since Victory Day in the distant 45th.

The reaction of the grandparents with whom we communicate is also very important for us. Their joy, their excitement, their anticipation of our meetings. It is insanely touching to see gratitude in the eyes of these people. Communication with veterans is simply priceless for us. It teaches us to be grateful, kind, able to listen and hear. And the veterans are given the understanding that communication with them is important and necessary for the younger generations.

We provide targeted assistance and information support to organizations, we hold charitable meetings. Each member of our team contributes to the development of social projects, and this makes the Stroitegia team even more united.