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An experienced general contractor is necessary to ensure the quality and timely implementation of any facility.

General contracting services of Stroitegia combine excellent quality with unparalleled professionalism of the entire team. General contracting in the construction industry is the most pressing issue at the moment, and finding a way to solve it is becoming our primary task. We will help organize, coordinate and implement all processes at the facility, as well as ensure the systematic performance of on-site work.

A full cycle of construction of buildings and facilities includes:

  • competent planning and management of the facility;
  • performance of all types of construction work;
  • subcontracting;
  • monitoring and ensuring the safety of all employees at the construction site;
  • turnkey delivery.

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General contracting

Stroitegia performs cast-in-place concrete works at a professional level using modern technologies and innovative materials. Special skills of cast-in-place construction, considerable experience and qualified personnel ensure our leading position in the construction market in Belarus.


Cast-in-place concrete works include:

  • site preparation for the construction of a facility;
  • formwork installation;
  • reinforcement cage installation;
  • concrete pouring;
  • curing of concrete;
  • exterior finishing of the building.

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Cast-in-place concrete construction

General construction works represent a comprehensive list of multifaceted tasks aimed at building a facility. Our professionalism is the key to the quality and speed of execution. Our engineers will effectively organize work and take control of the project at all stages of its implementation.

General construction works include:

  • preparation of design specifications and estimates;
  • engineering and geodetic works;
  • preparation of the site for major construction;
  • construction site fencing;
  • pit construction (earthworks);
  • arrangement of the foundation and supporting structures;
  • building walls and ceilings;
  • etc.

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Shell and core development

Stroitegia provides electrical and plumbing services.

Electrical works include:

  • setting up external and internal lines;
  • low-current and commissioning activities;
  • installation of power sources (pole, transformer);
  • etc.

Types of plumbing works: 

  • sewage system installation;
  • heating system installation;
  • installation of plumbing fixtures;
  • etc.

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Electrical and plumbing works

A range of construction works related to both external and internal finishing of the facility. This is the final stage of the facility construction aimed at improving its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Types of finishing works:

  • plastering;
  • floor screeding;
  • installation of ceilings;
  • tile laying;
  • painting works;
  • flooring;
  • installation of ceilings.

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Finishing work

Before entering the building, we find ourselves in its adjacent territory, therefore, special attention should be paid to the landscaping of the adjacent territory. The purpose of landscaping is not only to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect, but also to provide a convenient place for work and rest.

Landscaping includes:

  • design and layout;
  • preparation: garbage disposal, leveling the site, cleaning;
  • laying roads, sidewalks and arrangement of a parking lot;
  • arrangement of recreation areas;
  • installation of sports and playgrounds;
  • pipework routing and cabling for irrigation and lighting systems;
  • etc.

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Urban landscaping