Support for Orphans

Every person needs care and attention. But if this person is a child, who is deprived of a loving family, who is brought up in a orphan home, then this person needs much more tender loving care. These children have more difficulties when facing the world and getting necessary experience.

Support for children from orphanages has several aspects. This is not only material assistance, but also just communication, the opportunity to share their personal life experience, joint visits to various events to expand their horizons, social adaptation, which gives them the necessary communication skills, and of course vocational guidance, which helps children find the answer to the question: «Who to be?»

The guys are happy to accept any manifestation of interest, they are drawn to communication. And it doesn't matter if it is help with homework, cooking dinner together or going to the movies - the main thing is your great desire to help these children find their place and without fear enter into an independent adult life with dignity.

We provide targeted assistance and information support to organizations, we hold charitable meetings. Each member of our team contributes to the development of social projects, and this makes the Stroitegia team even more united.