«Belarus Ice Challenge Palova»: International Youth Hockey Tournament

Belarus Ice Challenge Palova is an international youth hockey tournament. 

For many people in our country hockey is a favorite sport; and especially when young people play hockey, nobody can keep calm among the fantastic emotions and sport fever of the rink. 

For more than 3 years, our company is a true partner of the Belarus Ice Challenge Palova project.

Over the years of the project's existence, with our support, more than 10 tournaments have been organized, in which more than 80 teams from different countries of the world took part. On an ongoing basis, a professional sports commentator conducts online broadcasting of tournaments on the Youtube channel, which allows to constantly increase the audience of hockey fans and popularizes this sport in our country.

Perhaps it is our support of the Belarus Ice Challenge Palova project that will open new stars for the hockey world!

We provide targeted assistance and information support to organizations, we hold charitable meetings. Each member of our team contributes to the development of social projects, and this makes the Stroitegia team even more united.