Urban landscaping

Before entering the building, we find ourselves in its adjacent territory, therefore, special attention should be paid to the landscaping of the adjacent territory. The purpose of landscaping is not only to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect, but also to provide a convenient place for work and rest.

While providing a range of services, our specialists are guided by the norms and rules for carrying out landscaping and engineering works, taking into account the latest developments and, most importantly, applying them in practice. Thus, we offer the best and most effective solutions to our clients.

 Landscaping includes:

  • design and layout;
  • preparation: garbage disposal, leveling the site, cleaning;
  • laying roads, sidewalks and arrangement of a parking lot;
  • arrangement of recreation areas;
  • installation of sports and playgrounds;
  • pipework routing and cabling for irrigation and lighting systems;
  • installation of benches, garden houses, rubbish bins, sculptures, etc.;
  • landscaping: arrangement of lawns and flower beds; planting fruit trees, shrubs and large plants;
  • installation of street lighting and fencing;
  • etc.