Shell and core development

General construction works are a wide range of construction, installation, repair and restoration works at facilities for various purposes.

In principle, general construction works represent a comprehensive list of multifaceted tasks aimed at building a facility. The professionalism of the company's team ensures the quality and speed of execution.

Stroitegia performs a full range of general construction works, independent of the facility complexity level and its purpose. Our highly qualified specialists will perform in the shortest possible time both complex and individual tasks and operations related to various categories of general construction works. Our engineers will effectively organize work and take control of the project at all stages of its implementation.

General construction works include:

  • Preparation of design specifications and estimates;
  • Engineering and geodetic works;
  • Preparation of the site for major construction;
  • Construction site fencing;
  • Pit construction (earthworks);
  • Arrangement of the foundation and supporting structures;
  • Building walls and ceilings;
  • Roofing;
  • Connection of engineering networks;
  • Facade and interior finishing works;
  • Landscaping of the adjacent territory.