Electrical and plumbing works

Plumbing works are characterized by their laboriousness and complexity, thus requiring special professional knowledge. Apart from pipework routing, the works include the installation of heating and plumbing fixtures, water fittings, etc. This is an extremely important stage in the facility construction, which means that only professionals should be entrusted with these works. 

Also, Stroitegia provides electrical installation services. They include a number of electrical works aimed at the full implementation of a previously conceived plan or project.

Our specialists perform the works based on the principles of quality and reliability.

Electrical works include:

  • setting up external and internal lines;
  • electric lighting;
  • electrical and technical operations;
  • low-current and commissioning activities;
  • installation of power sources (pole, transformer);
  • installation of accessories (phone, sockets, relays, switches);
  • alarm system, telephone network and video surveillance installation and setup.

Types of plumbing works:

  • installation of hot and cold water supply lines;
  • sewage system installation;
  • heating system installation;
  • installation of plumbing fixtures.