Cast-in-place concrete construction

Cast-in-place construction is now one of the most promising and popular methods. Today, a huge number of buildings and structures of different configurations and for various purposes are being erected using cast-in-place concrete construction technology.

Cast reinforced concrete is poured in the framework systems intended for the purpose. Formwork plays one of the key roles in this technology: concrete gets its shape and becomes resistant to loads and deformations. 

Stroitegia performs cast-in-place concrete works at a professional level using modern technologies and innovative materials. Special skills of cast-in-place construction, considerable experience and qualified personnel ensure our leading position in the construction market in Belarus.

We are professionals in this business. Thus, we guarantee high quality and an integrated approach to the performance of works, from the initial stage of preparation of the facility to the final stage of direct concrete pouring inside the building.

Cast-in-place concrete works include:

  • site preparation for the construction of a facility;
  • formwork installation;
  • reinforcement cage installation;
  • concrete pouring;
  • curing of concrete;
  • exterior finishing of the building.