Residential Complex

Residential Complex "Zelyonaya Gavan"

Minsk, Belarus

CG "A-100 Development"

2400 м2

Residential buildings

Commissioned in March 2020



The residential complex "Zelyonaya Gavan" is located in the area of the former tank range near Kolodishchi and near the only golf club in the country. Structurally, the houses are a monolithic reinforced concrete frame with the outer walls filling with ceramic porous blocks 250 mm thick. Mineral wool slabs are used for heat and sound insulation.


Various materials (larch, fiber cement panels, hyper-pressed tiles and folding metal) will be combined in the facade finishing. All cottages are two-storey, with canopies for two cars parking. Some of the houses will have flat roofs, some will have pitched roofs.


Residential Complex



At the moment, the residential complex is still under construction and, according to the plan, will be fully commissioned in 2030.

Residential Complex