Country Quarter

Country Quarter "Pirs" (City house)

Ratomka, Belarus

CG "A-100 Development"

7 200 м2

Residential buildings

Commissioned in 2019

The city house has a beautiful view thanks to the large "French" windows that overlook the decorative water channel of the residential complex. The area of the apartments is from 34 to 125 square meters, and the ceilings are from 2.7 to 4.4 meters high, which made it possible to place real fireplaces in the apartments. The house is designed in the same for the quarter style and has a number of advantages that distinguish it from the usual urban apartment buildings. The exterior solutions use ventilated facades and modern plaster.


Participating in the implementation of such a modern project, our company applied new methods and techniques of construction. And the high qualification of specialists of different levels (engineering and technical personnel, workers, etc.) allowed us to effectively carry out all works in the construction of this facility. This is an invaluable experience for many "Stroitegia" employees.

Country Quarter

The residential complex "Pirs" is famous for its picturesque nature and well-thought-out infrastructure of the territory. Just take a look at the work we have done to improve the territory. In the foreyard of the house, there is a modern playground, stylish garden houses for family rest, covered parking for bicycles, landscaping and lighting, all these elements give a lamp-like atmosphere of comfort and coziness for future residents.

Country Quarter