Shopping center

Shopping center "Triniti"

Grodno, Belarus

60 000 м2

Administrative and commercial facilities



The tasks of our team included the installation of precast concrete frame and metal structures, finishing works on the installation of partitions, suspended ceilings, monolithic columns, as well as the installation of large-span structures of the two-story parking P1.


The works were carried out with the involvement of 100-160-ton cranes; 2,980 tons of structures were installed, the area of which is 60,000 m². The construction uses strong and modern structures manufactured by the Konsolis group. And the weight of a separate structure reaches 30 tons.

Shopping center


General construction works were carried out in the future cinema: walls construction, installation of ceilings and supporting elements of the stands, floors installation, engineering networks laying. Moreover, works on the facade and glazing of the office building were completed.

 In the premises of the shopping center itself, plasterboard partitions, suspended multi-level ceilings and finishing of the frontal part of the atrium were installed. Monolithic columns and metal structures were also installed, and namely, the reinforcement of the inter-floor ceiling. 

Shopping center