Shopping center

Shopping center "Gippo"

Minsk, Belarus

FE "BelVillesden"

7 150 м2

Administrative and commercial facilities

Commissioned in August 2012


"Stroitegia" acted as a subcontractor in this project. The shopping center is the facility of one of the largest hypermarket chains in the country — "Gippo". Its special significance is that it became the first so large and necessary facility for this new and densely populated microdistrict of Minsk.


The project, implemented in the shortest possible time, includes the construction of retail, warehouse premises, ground parking and the adjacent territory development.

Shopping center

The specialists of our company performed a complex of construction and installation works:

  • bottoming, filling and compaction of the soil in the volume of 116,000 m³ were carried out;

  • 8,000 m² of concrete floors were completed;

  • construction of monolithic iron-concrete foundations and floors – 1,860 m³;

  • other related works.