Residential Complex

Residential Complex "Novaya Borovaya" (Club houses)

Minsk, Belarus

CG A-100 Development

31 000 м2

Residential buildings

Commissioned in May 2020


The construction of two 23-storey single-entrance houses with the implementation of the final finishing. These houses are united by a common stylobate, on the roof of which a spacious terrace will be organized.


In the Residential Complex "Novaya Borovaya", we are building two monolithic houses of the club-house type. The main, but not the only advantage of the club house is its own closed infrastructure: a children's room, a gym, and a cozy lobby with a seating area. This facility includes original architectural designs of houses and improved technical parameters of residential premises, and it is built on a reliable monolithic frame. 

Residential Complex



Residential Complex "Novaya Borovaya" is a modern project that is designed to meet the high needs in terms of the level and quality of life. The construction is carried out according to the new Smart+Social concept for Belarus, which provides for the creation of the most developed social infrastructure and the use of the most modern technologies in the course of construction and improvement.

Residential Complex