"Pekin" house in the Residential Complex "Minsk World"

Minsk, Belarus

CG "Dana Holdings"

46 494,56 м2

Residential buildings

Under construction



The "Champions" quarter became the second in a row in the multifunctional complex "Minsk World", where construction began. All the houses in this quarter are named after the cities where the main starts of the four-year period were held in different years. This facility will be really beautiful upon completion of construction.

The "Pekin" house itself is located at the intersection of Aerodromnaya Street and new Belgradskaya Street and is a corner and five-section building, 25 floors high, and the total number of apartments is 708 for every taste and color.





Stroytegia even had to break records for the scope of certain work types execution. The team of our employees performed excavation works of the pit with a size of almost 40,000 m³!