Automobile center

Automobile center "Renault"

Minsk, Belarus

LLC "Brera"

2 000 м2

Auto dealers

Commissioned in March 2016

About Project

The facility is a one-story building, which functionally consists of 3 blocks: a car dealership for the sale of cars, a mezzanine administrative and household block, a station for after-sales maintenance and repair. Groups of premises are located according to their functional purpose and are provided with all modern types of engineering equipment.


Our organization has carried out a complex of works on the construction of the reinforced concrete frame of the facility. In the process of the whole complex, it was important to comply with all the color, corporate identity requirements of RENAULT Company. A special feature of the facility was the need to use Peri Rapid formwork columns, which made it possible to perform columns with a height of 12 m without construction joints by continuous concreting method.

Automobile center



The main entrance to the building is oriented to the automobile exit from Dzerzhinskiy Avenue to the MRHW, with the adjacent Slobodskaya Street and is accentuated by the RENAULT branded entrance arch.

Automobile center