Unity is the key to success

Caring for employees is part of Stroitegia's corporate culture. After all, only a rare business does not suffer losses due to the reduced dedication of employees. Human capital is the very factor by investing in which you can make a company competitive, unique, and successful in the market.

In our company, it has long been established to celebrate generally accepted holidays and we always celebrate them on a grand scale, as much as possible in office realities.

And this year the Stroitegia management decided to present all the company's employees with branded tracksuits for upcoming corporate events, since in addition to common holidays, we like to arrange various outdoor activities and teambuildings.

Each of the employees could individually choose the size and color of the suit from the two presented. Most of the team, of course, gave preference to practical black sets, but some employees chose snow-white set.

These tracksuits were specially designed for Stroitegia from high-quality materials, they feature the company's corporate colors that correspond to the brand book. In the development of design and implementation, we were assisted by the company "Niko Firm", which has been specializing in the production of branded clothing for corporate clients for a long time.