Top 50 employers in Belarus

Employer ratings are one of the few tools in the hands of candidates and job seekers to determine if an employer is responsible. In fact, candidate has three sources of information, according to which he can make decision about the attractiveness of a company: firstly, the official information of the employer, secondly, friends and acquaintances, and, thirdly, ratings.

The rating agency BIK Ratings conducted a large-scale study of the labor market in our country, based on which the ranking “Top 50 employers in Belarus” was compiled.

BIK Ratings is the first and currently the only national rating agency in the Republic of Belarus, accredited by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The agency pre-selected 300 employers from various industries. The participating company was supposed to have 30 or more employees, as well as to carry out its activities in the Belarusian market for more than three years. After that, it was proposed to participate in the project and conduct an independent assessment. 50 companies decided to participate in the project and provided the agency with data for analysis.

Among these 50 companies was Stroitegia. We competed with eminent companies of our country for the victory and took the 27th place in the rating.

We are very pleased to be in this rating, because out of thousands of companies, we are among the 50 best employers in the country. However, we never stop at what has been achieved and always strive to get the maximum result in any direction.

The most important thing is that we understand that there is no limit to perfection, we have something to work on and in the future we plan to take one of the first places - after all, the main thing for us is people.