Staff training

Professional development and training of employees is the key to the company's success. Continuous development of personnel through business trainings and seminars helps to increase the efficiency of both employees and the management itself.

On May 22, Minsk hosted a one-day seminar by Arkady Zucker “Generation of Uncertainty. Lessons for Business Thinking ”and we could not miss it. The seminar was devoted to the peculiarities of the thinking of each generation, which is largely determined by the great, epochal event that he had to go through, whether it was a generation of war, restructuring or digitalization.

Also, important questions were raised: "In what direction is already changing and our thinking is likely to change?", "How will consumer behavior change?" and many others. At the seminar, Arkady Zucker not only analyzed the events of 2020, but offered working tools to get the most out of what was happening.

We believe that it is very important to broaden the horizons and improve the qualifications of employees, because this is a direct and correct path to the success of the entire company. In such a fast-moving world, it is sometimes very difficult to keep track of all the innovations, so it is important to keep up with the times and improve the efficiency of the services provided or the work performed.