Reflecting on 2020

The past year has been a year of change for the entire world. Primarily, this is due to the pandemic, which is the cause of huge, colossal restrictions affecting everyone's life. But life can and should be adapted to meet all challenges, and first of all you need to start with yourself. Therefore, our employees were enthusiastic to support people needing help. Because together we are power.

Involvement in the Red Cross campaigns allowed us to take part in a lot of charitable acts. On the day of the blood donor, employees, whose health condition allowed it, became donors. We hope our efforts were not in vain, and it helped someone to cure.

With the onset of cold weather, the Stroitegia team started collection of warm clothes, and then handed them over to those in need. And on New Year's Eve we played Santa Clauses for two wonderful boys.

Children and veterans of the Great Patriotic War need attention, support and care at any time, regardless of any circumstances. Therefore, we tried stayed in touch with them as much as possible, and at some moments undertook even more efforts to help them cope with the new living conditions.

First of all, at the peak of the spread of the virus, the format of our meetings radically changed. We didn't hold the traditional meeting dedicated to the May 9 holiday in the House of Veterans, but we paid individual visits to each of them with congratulations. At the same time, we managed to comply with anti-COVID regulations. Additionally, we brought groceries, medical masks and hand sanitizers so that the seniors, being one of the most vulnerable population groups, wouldn't have to go shopping. 

To the extent possible, we still tried to hold most of the activities related to the orphanage No. 5 In Minsk and its children. It is almost impossible to explain to children that they need to stay indoors and have as little contact with other people as possible. However, whenever possible, we held our meetings in the open to mitigate the infection risks. And it has to be said, there are plenty of options for an interesting and informative pastime. In the summer we visited the children's camp and went on a bike ride, in the autumn we visited the botanical garden and went to the equestrian club together. Working with children, we also tried very hard to help them covering key pressing issues. Therefore, we brought masks, the required individual protection means, and disinfectants. For example, we helped to acquire the necessary student's books for the new academic year.

Congratulations on the coming year 2021 were made in a scaled-down format. We congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War  on an individual basis using the algorithm developed in May. An express meeting was arranged for the children. We gave them bicycles as gifts to cycle around Minsk and its outskirts together.

With the decline in the spread of the virus, we are trying to diversify the format of meetings: we have already visited the high schools of Minsk with the children, visited hockey games and congratulated a survivor of the Siege of Leningrad on March 8. At the same time, we tried to ensure maximal compliance with all safety measures – preserving and strengthening the health of children in our ward is now the top priority. But in any case, we will support and develop our communication, because every time we see a warm response and gratitude in both children's and senile hearts. This gives motivation, inspiration and the desire to be inventive, improvise and further implement the charity project "Good City".