No help is too small!

They say, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Unfortunately, sometimes the whole life begins with circumstances one would wish to avoid. The moral of today's tale is that no help is too small.


Anya Misyukevich was born 9 years ago, in maternity clinic No. 2 in Minsk. Due to complicated delivery, Anya was born with moderate asphyxia and from the very birth she had to be followed up by a doctor. The girl underwent repeated rehabilitation in Belarusian state medical institutions, but unfortunately, by the age of 5, she did not speak.

At the age of 5.5 years old, her parents took her to Belgium for treatment. Having undergone two expensive courses, Anya pronounced her first words.


Despite her modesty and shyness, Anya is a natural fighter, she tries very hard and in no way is she going to give up or lose heart. She loves animals, strives to communicate with other children, but, unfortunately, difficulties arise on the way to this, because she is not always able to express herself clearly due to insufficiently clear diction. She is very lucky to have her parents and younger brother, who provide her with all support available, rejoice at her accomplishments and believe that together they will definitely make it.

We could not ignore the story. All information about Anya was placed in the office lobby, and everyone could donate funds for her further treatment. The entire Stroitegia team sincerely hopes that things will work out soon, and we will continue to give as much help as we can!