March 8: We congratulate Natalya Ivanovna Medvedeva

The idea to congratulate Natalya Ivanovna came to us on the basis of the last year experience. The girls from the orphanage No. 5 and the hostess herself, who kindly received us, were greatly impressed by the meeting. Such infrequent communication is especially valuable during the pandemic. Despite she has had a long and difficult life path, Natalya Ivanovna is full of optimism and fortitude. She still takes an active part in the social life, being the chairman of the NGO "Inhabitants and Defenders of Besieged Leningrad" of the Frunzensky district.


We started the preparation for the event with children with a discussion of a gift and its purchase. They were quite active during the discussion, and eventually, we decided the gift would have 4 components: flowers, sweets, a souvenir and a postcard made by the children. Having bought everything we needed, we went to visit Natalya Ivanovna. We still remembered about safety: masks and disinfectants.


Natalya Ivanovna was very glad to see us and was touched by the warm wishes from the children joined by our participants of the charity project. The meeting was brief, however, Natalya Ivanovna spoke a little about historical events she was a witness to and about her social life. She said she was actively working to preserve the memory of the siege of Leningrad, she spoke about her visit to St. Petersburg before the pandemic, where the mayor of the city himself had presented her with a commemorative award. The hostess also shared her personal stories, connected with her large and friendly family, which she is especially proud of.