Make it louder! Let them remember the sound!

It is so pleasant to realize that our life is gradually returning to the usual course for all. June turned out to be not only hot, but also eventful for various events. Just recently, the Stroitegia collective attended a concert by the "Kino" group, and today we will tell you about the incendiary concert of Max Barskikh.

The concert of one of the most popular and demanded performers was supposed to take place on December, 18 last year, but it was postponed. And on June, 19, the long-awaited meeting finally took place.

“This is the first time when we have set a new date for an additional concert right during the show, in between costume changes,” says Max Barskikh.

The 13,000-seat arena took the musician's words to a storm of applause and did not let go of the stage even after three songs performed as an encore!

The coolest show impressed us all, we got a crazy boost of energy for exactly a few working weeks ahead. And the bonus to all this was the passing of time not only with colleagues, but also with family members, which made this evening even more emotional and memorable.