Getting to know the team. Interview with employees - Petr Milkota

A team of like-minded people moving towards one goal is definitely about us. Stroitegia is a strong team where professionalism, experience and innovation are successfully combined, because the way a company lives and develops depends on the people working in it. But not only the development of the company depends on people, but also their own career growth.

In today's section “Meet the Team”, the hero of the article is Petr Milkota, the first deputy technical director of the company.

1. How long have you been with the company?

I have been working at Stroitegia for about 10 years.

2. How did it all start in your professional life?

In 1998 I graduated from the Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy (now BNTU). After graduating from the academy, I got a first job in a construction company, where I was immediately sent to work in Moscow. For 14 years of work in this company, I have probably spent almost half of my career in the Russian Federation. In Moscow, I began as a foreman and gradually grew along the entire official line: foreman, head foreman, head of the site. In 2005, I am tried myself for the first time as a project manager during the construction of the Global City shopping and entertainment complex, and upon returning to Minsk I'm even managed to establish myself as a deputy chief engineer and head of a production site.

At Stroitegia, I continued my professional life as a project manager, then got the position of deputy director and for a year now I have been working as the first deputy - technical director of the company.

3. You have such a rich career, the dream of any specialist. With the new position, the functionality, the schedule of the working day, has probably changed too?

Of course, when you are a project manager, then in principle you are tied to one main project. In my case, this project was the shopping and entertainment complex "Triniti", which was being implemented for 5 years. And, naturally, I spent most of my time in Grodno. In my new position, all the objects of the company go through my supervision, as well as the development of the Russian direction.

4. What features of the new position did you encounter?

The functionality has undoubtedly expanded, the responsibility and the number of objects have increased. Firstly, there were a lot of travels and business trips. Secondly, since you are constantly not within the framework of one project, the question of delegating tasks arises, and this, I must say, is a very difficult moment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be in several places at once and do several things at the same time, so I try to correctly assign people to perform a particular task.


6. What are the main advantages in Stroitegia's activities, why do customers choose our company?

Still, the main advantage over others lies in our flexibility, in an individual approach to each customer and in a rather professional team that has gathered during the work of the company.

7. Tell us about the most memorable and unusual project during your work at Stroitegia?

For me, perhaps the most memorable object is the construction of the "Triniti" shopping mall. I repeat, we attended it as a contracting organization for almost 5 years and during this time three general contractors managed to change at the facility, many different things happened, there were also difficult unprofitable times, but we stayed until the very end of construction and completed the facility together with the customer, from which received very good recommendations for the future. Our team has done a fairly extensive amount of work, from the construction of the building frame to finishing work.

8. Recently, our team celebrated the opening of the construction season. Please tell us what goals have been achieved over the past year and what tasks have been set for the next season?

The past season, I think, was pretty good. During this time, we have a number of interesting projects, such as the Nezhinskiy GOK based on the Starobinskoye potash salt deposit, which has moved into the current season. In spite of everything, we have finished such a difficult year economically sustainably, preserved and even expanded our team, and smoothly entered the new construction market.

As for the next season, the primary task is to expand the number of facilities in the Russian direction and, of course, to preserve all the existing facilities of the company, since next year also promises to be difficult.

9. What parting words can you say to the whole team in the new construction season?

It will not be easy, there will be a lot of interesting work. I would like to wish everyone success, patience, hard work and, most importantly, confidence in the future!