Getting acquainted with the team. Interview with key employees — Denis Statkevich

At the end of each year, we sum up the results, recalling all the way made, all the small and big victories and the professional growth of the company. The top management also specifies the best employees of the past year.

Each employee of the Stroitegia is as valuable as gold, we are proud of each of us! And even among the best, we have to choose the key ones, which would seem impossible. In this article we continue our introduction with the key employees of the Stroitegia.

The central figure of our interview today is the head of the operation and technical department, Denis Statkevich.

1.Can you tell us how did your professional life start?

It all started back in 2004, when I began my professional activity in the construction industry after graduating from the Minsk State Architectural and Construction College.

2.How long have you been working in the company?

My length of employment in the company is almost 7 years, which is almost half of my employment history.  

3.What emotions did you feel when you found out that you were the key employee of the past year?

It is very difficult to describe the emotions I felt at the announcement of the key employee of the year in words. Then I was very proud and happy, and also realized that this nomination took me to a new level of responsibility for my work and the work of the entire department, as the recognition of any employee of the department as the key employee of the year, first of all, shows the degree of confidence and evaluation of the work of the entire department. This award would not have been possible without the excellent work of the entire department.  

  1. In your opinion, what qualities should a key employee of the company have?

He should try to do his job well in all situations, be committed to the company, deeply care about it, work jointly with all employees of the company to achieve better results, i.e. be a team player in every sense of the word.  

5.What are your job duties?

I'm currently working as the head of the operation and technical department. My primary objective is the organization of the smooth operation of the department, interaction with other departments of the company to achieve the set goals, assurance of the continuity and timeliness of all objectives assigned within the responsibilities of the department.

6.What challenges do you face in your work?

Considering the operational profile of the operation and technical department, it is difficult to single out several particular challenges, because the arising challenges are always different and often appear for the first time, but by the aid of all employees of the department, they are solved in a timely and high-quality manner and give certain experience to prevent them from arising in the future.

7.What processes have you been able to learn and what new things have you picked up while working in Stroitegia?

While working for the company you are constantly learning, gaining experience and this process never stops. A lot of professionals are always working next to you and you can constantly learn something new from them.

8.What are the advantages of working in this position in Stroitegia?

Working in this position teaches you to be responsible for your work, the work of your colleagues and teamwork for the benefit of the entire organization.

9.What advice do you have for new company employees/employees who want to become a key employee?

In my opinion, the next key employee of the company should work hard and honestly, always learn from more experienced colleagues and share experience with others.