Creative Spring

Spring brings inspiration and joyful mood – and sometimes we wish to share with this. So the idea was born to teach a master class again on building nest boxes to the children from the orphanage No. 5 of Minsk. There are still free spaces on the trees near the building of the orphanage – so there will be a few more happy birds with their own homes this spring. We were uninterruptedly immersed in the world of children's crafts for a couple of hours, so each child was able to make a unique birdhouse with their own hands.


The first stage of the nest box manufacture was the assembly of parts. The task for children was to combine all the components in the correct order to get a strong structure that would withstand any rough weather. The boys got carried away with the process, the motto was: "It's a house any bird wants to live in". Next, the nest boxes were to be painted, and there were no restrictions or any limiting conditions. Everyone could take any colors they liked, combine them and be creative in their own way. Some of the boys also decorated the nest boxes with spangles, some with stickers.

After the work was finished, we admired the results. There were 5 absolutely unique nest boxes – bright, beautiful, made with great enthusiasm and inspiration. There was little left – the paint to dry for a day – and the guys, with the help of the adults, would fix them to the trees to hear the chirping of the new neighbors as soon as possible.