Collective trip to the "Ruki Vverkh!" concert

Today is Monday and this means that the time has come to share news about the Stroitegia's team life.

Organization of corporate events is one of the main tools for increasing staff motivation and team cohesion. In companies of all sizes, such events help to establish cross-functional connections, to unite people, including those who do not collide with each other within the framework of their responsibilities or rarely collide. Therefore, if concerts are held in Minsk, the leadership of Stroitegia tries to organize a mini corporate party.

On March 26 and 27, the Russian group “Hands up!” performed at the Minsk-Arena, which can be safely called the record holders in terms of concert fees. Every year they give about a hundred concerts at the largest concert halls. For 25 years, "Hands Up!" indisputably give people positive emotions and make the halls dance to those songs that are popular not only among loyal fans from the 1990s, but also among today's youth.

You know, such events are especially valuable during a pandemic, when various entertainment events are minimized, and with all this, of course, we do not forget about precautions.

On both days Stroitegia's team danced to the hits in the Minsk-Arena suite, we had a wonderful time and begun the working week with a positive start.