Building "Salt Lake City" in the "Minsk World" multifaceted residential complex

At the intersection of Aerodromnaya and Belgradskaya streets there is a building "Salt Lake City", which is under construction now. Stroytegiya is the general contractor at this facility, and, as always, on Wednesdays we talk about the construction progress.


New residential quarters of the "Minsk World" multifaceted residential complex will create a modern living environment in Minsk. Busy streets and quarters will be provided with a highly developed and full-fledged infrastructure close at hand, including social and cultural facilities.

The building "Salt Lake City" (No. 18.2 according to the general layout), located in the "Champions" quarter, is a 25-storey one-entry cast-in-place concrete frame residential building with 250 open-plan apartments with areas from 30 to 63 sq.m and ceiling heights from 2.7 m to 3.3 m.

During the construction period, the team of Stroitegia has implemented the excavation of the pit, the installation of bored piles, the casting of the concrete foundation mat, the reinforcement of the concrete mat, and a monolithic foundation slab of 970 cu.m has been cast.

Currently, the construction of the building's monolithic frame, namely the vertical structures of the 10th floor, followed by the intermediate slab of the 11th floor, is in progress. Masonry works on the 3rd floor using breeze blocks and plumbing fixtures installation are under way.

Simultaneously, ground shaping around the building is being carried out in order to start landscaping operations.