We build everything

The arrival of birds is inseparable from the beginning of spring. Every year in late March and early April migratory birds return home from warm countries. It has long been believed that birds living next to a person bring good luck, so the Strotegia team decided not only to add luck, but also to do a great good deed and make birdhouses.

Each department and team of the facility was faced with the task of not only assembling a birdhouse from the blanks, but also creatively decorating it. Our colleagues did their best and none of the birdhouses were like the other. In every future birdhouse, an embedded soul was felt, because the duty of every person is to try to protect nature and preserve it as much as possible in its original form.

Although we are a little late, we really hope that soon we will hear the chirping of starlings outside our office window. In any case, these birdhouses can become a home for many birds that have not yet found their home.

By working together to create birdhouses, we simultaneously took care of nature and, of course, rallied the team, which is very good for the productivity of the work process.