Relax from the heat

Everyone knows that working in the heat is completely impossible. When everything around him heats up to crazy temperatures and it seems that the brain is about to melt, the office employee is not just thinking, it is difficult to move. What can we say about those who are forced to work on the street under the scorching sun. But complaining about the weather is not our option. Our option is to solve the problem globally!

Over the weekend, the company's management decided to check the reaction of employees and invitations to the Robinson Club aquazone were posted in the company's chat. The fastest ones managed to pick up nice tickets to relax not only under the sun, but also by the pool.

Water heals body and soul, gives beauty and a pleasant feeling of tranquility, especially in this heat.

A visit to the aquazone made it possible to feel the atmosphere of relaxation somewhere on the sea. The lucky ones managed to share this wonderful feeling with their family and their halves.

Let's hope the weather will bring us many more pleasant and warm days this summer!