Nezhinsky mining and processing complex on the basis of the Starobinsky potash salt deposit

After a month and a half, we return to the city of Luban, where the construction of the Nezhinsky MPC on the basis of the Starobinsky potash salt deposit is located. "Stroitegia" at this facility acts as a contractor.

The approved balance reserves of potash salts of industrial categories at the site amount to 311.3 million tons. The MPC's capacity will be almost 2 million tons of potassium chloride per year. It is assumed that 450 thousand tons of white and pink powder, as well as 900 thousand tons of granulated potassium chloride will be produced here. When sinking mine shafts, the SBR mechanized complexes, which are unique for Europe, were used. Nezhinsky MPC plans to produce 2 million tons of potash fertilizers per year.

Electrical work is carried out in the building of the cage shaft lifting machines, namely the installation of power transformers, trays, cables, lamps, low-voltage and high-voltage equipment. Installation of sandwich panels of the building facade is also carried out. Inside, Stroitegia employees dismantled the temporary tent, and steel structures are being erected in the head building of the cage shaft.

The construction of the above-ground warm transition No. 1 is nearing completion. At the moment, the installation of sandwich panels and metal structures, the installation of waterproofing and roof insulation, and a vapor barrier have already been completed. Insulation and installation of floors, electrical and plumbing works are carried out.

Also, our team has started the construction of a new auxiliary building at the facility and this is a transshipment hub. Here, the excavation of the pit with backfilling has already been completed, and a pile field has been installed.