Museum Hike: Excursion to the National Museum of Art

Together with the pupils of the orphanage # 5 in Minsk, we decided that we had not been in contact with art for a long time, and decided to go to the National Art Museum. To make it easier and more understandable for children to perceive and understand the paintings, their history and techniques of creation, we invited a guide. In addition to the fact that she told new information, the guide often gave the children the opportunity to reason, share their impressions of the paintings, genres, plots.

The guys, using examples of works of art by Russian famous artists - Aivazovsky, Bryulov and others - examined in detail such genres as landscape, portrait and still life. Different techniques for creating paintings allowed children to see how different perception can be, depending on what strokes the artist applies to the plot, what color scheme he chooses, how he creates mood and emotions on the canvas.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, we were lucky enough to get to two more temporary exhibitions. The first was dedicated to the work of the Honoured Artist of Belarus May Volfovich Danzig. His expressive paintings amazed our group with their scale, realism and bright saturated colors. The second exhibition project under the philosophical title "Why did you leave me?" was dedicated to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is very symbolic that we visited it on the bright holiday of Easter. Exhibits were carved sculptures of the 17th - 20th centuries, icons and crosses from the museum's funds. For children, these rooms turned out to be the most emotional in terms of perception. One of our little visitors, standing at the crucifixion, said: "I look at Christ and want to cry. And even I cannot explain why."

After the excursion, the children shared their impressions - it was an interesting excursion that left a mark on the soul. And we decided for ourselves that it is imperative to hold events that can both teach something new, on the one hand, and emotionally enrich the guys, on the other.