Kayaking tour

The end of spring, which means that it's time to open the construction season! Traditionally, the Stroitegia team celebrates this event by kayaking. We like this type of corporate recreation not only for our activity, but also for the fact that we can admire the nature of our native spaces.

Early in the morning, having gathered at the office, we went by bus 90 km from Minsk to the starting point of the route, which was located in an amazingly beautiful place surrounded by dense forest on the banks of the Viliya River.

Each group gathered kayaks for themselves under the strict guidance of knowledgeable instructors, who also prepared us for the upcoming difficult route, talked about all the intricacies of management and gave valuable advice. This year we have conquered a distance of 15.5 km.

We rafted down the river for about two and a half hours. The changeable weather, of course, brought a lot of variety to the sensations of the swim, we fought with the scorching sun, hail, and rain, but in spite of everything our team overcame all weather difficulties with dignity. And during the swim we managed to enjoy the beauty of our country and plunge into the atmosphere of the drive.

Upon arrival at the shore of the estate, where the celebration of the opening of the construction season continued, a bathhouse and a magnificent banquet with barbecue and pilaf were waiting for us. But the sport of kayaking was not over, there was a friendly football and volleyball match ahead of us, where, of course, friendship won!

The construction season was opened on a grand scale. The day certainly turned out to be intense, we will all have many pleasant memories, and most importantly, we have become even closer to each other, because it is such joint events that make us feel like a real team.