House "Seoul" in the "Minsk World"

We are returning today to the “city within the city”, namely to the “Asia” quarter of the multifunctional complex “Minsk World”, where “Stroytegiya” carries out the construction of a residential building as a general contractor.

On the agenda is the progress of the construction of the Seoul house (25.1 y / p). This is a 15-storey three-section corner building, during the construction of which a structural scheme with a monolithic frame is used, which allows you to develop several convenient options for redeveloping residential premises at once.

During the period of work, our team developed a pit with a size of 12,300m³, followed by backfilling of soil with sand with compaction, concrete preparation was carried out and the foundation cushion for the building was completed.

To date, reinforcing cages have been mounted and formwork is being installed with subsequent concreting, and vertical structures of the basement are being erected in sections 1 and 2.