Building "Yekaterinburg" in the multifaceted residential complex "Minsk World"

We go on with our informing tour through the "Minsk World" multifaceted residential complex. Now, the building "Yekaterinburg" (No. 23.6 on g/p) is on the agenda. Here, Stroytegiya operates as a general contractor.

The construction takes place in the "Eurasia" quarter, which is located in the central part of the complex. The facility consists of a single section of 25 floors and has 293 open-plan apartments with an area from 20 to 80 sq.m. The first floor of the building will house some commercial premises, intended to make the life in community more convenient.

Since the work commencement at this facility, the preparatory period has been completed, as well as the excavation of a pit with a size of about 3,000 m³, the installation of bored piles (pile field) and the foundation mattress. The construction of the floors of the residential building has taken several months; at the moment the full building frame has already been completed. The construction of external walls and breeze blocks partitions is in progress, as well as the installation of facade insulation.

Inside the building, from the 2nd to the 5th floor, floor screed is being made in apartments and common areas. On the 9th floor, plumbing lines for cold and hot water, as well as sewerage are being installed. In common areas, preliminary cabling has been completed from the 1st floor to the 25th floor.